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2020 Campaign Update

Neil and Dylan haven’t actually done anything to work toward being elected President and Vice President in 2020, yet.

They are polling above several of the more mainstream candidates.

I’m appointing myself campaign manager. I’m hopeful there isn’t much paperwork.

Or other work.

I haven’t been paying attention but I assume the Libertarian Party has been steadily increasing in national importance since the campaign was launched in the mid-90s. I’ll check back later but the campaign web page is down. Get what you pay for with Geocities these days, I guess.

-Political-hack by Tom


Party at Dylan’s House

I don’t think Dylan has looked at this site in a while, but I know some other people still might. I figured it was safe to put this here.

I’m going to throw a party at Dylan’s house. Next month.

Technically, he invited me and Rose over for a weekend next month. In the email, he wrote +whoever to include families/spouses but I’m going with a more literal interpretation. This will be the ultimate pop-in. The dates are May 4-6th. Location is Dylan’s house (near Canonsburg, PA). Lodging is free, he’s not going to turn anyone away and there are spare bunkbeds, couches, etc – enough to go around. I think he probably wants to drink wine and talk about electric cars, but I’ve got a better plan.

Friday May 4th – People arrive. Dylan gets annoyed as he realizes we threw a reunion at his house, but isn’t really mad.

Order a massive stack of pizzas

Arnot Movie Marathon – Carpool, The Man Who Knew Too Little, Alias, the Star Wars movies out of order.

Stay up too late playing 12 player Mario Kart on the Switch

Saturday May 5th – Continue prior activities, scavenger hunt, grilling of tasty meats and cheeses, board games. Catch up on people’s lives.

Sunday May 6th – Really unreasonably big breakfast. Most people leave.

Monday 7th – People too lazy to leave on Sunday leave.

I don’t think we should over-think this, but hit me up on MySpace or ICQ if you want to RSVP.

-Tom Smith (CTRL-A if you aren’t sure)


End of the Tour

Gonna shut this down in the next few days. Scott, Rose, Paul, Charlie, etc – you guys make sure to archive your stuff from the servers. Thanks for checking in all these years. {HACKED BY TOM – LAST I HEARD THE SITE ISN’T GOING ANYWHERE, BUT DON’T EXPECT THE CONTENT TO IMPROVE}


Catching Up on Photo Albums

Not an exaggeration to suggest I’m a little behind on photo sharing. Let’s work on that.

June 2013

In which we traverse Pennsylvania, eat pie, visit friends and family, and find a new house to live in.

July 2013

Safina finds more places to explore, spends more time with family, and dad settles on a new look.

August 2013

Safina finds multiple ways to get wet and visits sunny Pensacola. Rafferty shows up.

September 2013

We found a duck.

October 2013

Safina visits mom and dad at work, rides a boat, and has a few pumpkin experiences.


That time of night

If I were a younger man, I probably would stay up later right now figuring out where Denpasar and Bali are on a map, compared to Brisbane. There may (or may not!) be a developing news situation involving an unruly passenger vs hijacking (both confirmed!) on/of an airliner. But I think I can just wait till morning to find out.


Finding Flipse

I guess it’s hard being a parent and having a job and a house and all that stuff, so Dylan doesn’t find much time to write on here. He made me an account a while back, so I figured I’d use that to help you all catch up with him on his favorite social media platforms.


instagram_icn_175pinterest  facebook G tumblr twitter youtube-logo2



Birthday, plus April and May 2013 Photos

Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone. Safina’s unquenchable thirst for the iPhone limited my ability to respond in a timely/personal fashion but at least today I’m able to get some pics up from 8 months or so ago.

In April, we met a weird mannequin, visited Cincinnati, and spent some time incognito.

In May, Safina helped around the house, learned about bubbles, supervised construction, traveled, and took a casual approach to Harvard Medical School graduation.


March Photos

March was exhausting.

March highlights included 5th wedding anniversary, plenty of pictures of babies in things, and a trip to the hospital for a meeting.

Available on Google Plus and Facebook, as usual.


January and February Photos

In the interest of reducing the amount of flak I’m getting from my family, here’s an attempt to get us caught up on monthly photo albums.

January pics were actually up on Google Plus and Facebook as of a while ago, but it doesn’t look like I ever got those links on here. January included our “Christmas in the Poconos” party/weekend with Med School friends and Bowleys, as well as home construction, a visiting grandma, and a new haircut for mom.

And here’s the actually new content, again both on Google Plus and Facebook. Big month, February. We visited California (Aunt Rachel/Uncle Brian/Cousin Henry/In-N-Out Burger), helped granddad on the house wiring, went to a wedding, and made new friends.



Check out this sweet picture of a SpaceStash Van. Clicking the moustashe activates a background instance of the Random Number Generator (Time Remaining for File Transfer) dialog, which I used to reverse hack the FDC firewalls. I’ve changed things to be a little more to my liking. I’ve also taken the opportunity to triple the RAM.