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Late Night Drinks



Back in Action


Safina watching today’s Spurs game with me. Wearing unnecessary socks.

We are back in action here at Through methods unknown, the sure was hacked and some malicious code inserted that attempted to redirect visitors elsewhere. Most of you would have been warned/protected by your web browsers, and I don’t believe there is any real chance of harm to anyone’s system, but I would recommend standard amounts of caution if anything seems to be amiss.


Just More Pictures

Surabhi and Fi are both doing much better. Dad is also stable.


Meet Safina


That is Safina Kay Flipse, born October 13, 2012 at 3:17am. 5lb 9oz, 19 inches, about two weeks before the estimated due date.

Mom is doing well after a very challenging labor. Dad is not entirely sure how to interact with his daughter, but has decided to try to start out treating her as a peer. Safina is ultimately doing ok, but had some low blood sugars and body temperatures, necessitating transfer to the NICU. Warmed up, she is looking great and the numbers have all headed back toward normal. She will get a little more attention than the average baby, but will hopefully be home after a few days.


Change of Plans


In Labor and Delivery, lucky room #14. Everything going well, updates to follow.


Project Updates

As you can see, both major projects around here are progressing nicely.

1. When is the baby due?
October 28th, hoping for a bit sooner.

2. Boy or girl?
Don’t know, asked not to find out.

3. When will the house be ready?
Quite a while from now. February is a reasonable guess.


Old Hotness, New Hotness

Pretty emotional day last week as I traded in the Civic for a new Subaru Outback. Those of you who bet the “under” on the “How many miles will Dylan put on the Civic?” prop bets made out like bandits, as my final odometer reading was just above 160,000.


That’s Our Hole In The Ground

Cruised by the new house site today. Excited to see a bit of activity.



Standards Compliance

There are apparently some regulatory bodies all up in arms about the lack of photographs showing baby bumps appearing in this space.


I’d hate to be out of compliance.


Evidence That I Need To Clean My Car More Frequently Is Inconclusive

Tuxedo receipt

I found this between the shotgun seat and center console of the Civic yesterday. It’s the envelope that contained a receipt for a tuxedo that Tom Smith rented in 2005. Vagabond Dog, Inc handled the travel arrangements. In rather direct conflict with company policy, I was also Tom’s date to that wedding.

Nice shoes

The Adidas is a nontraditional choice of formal footwear.